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Fortune Financial Assessment Services

An extensive services offer

We offer you an extensive package of services: financial administration, preparing annual accounts, fiscal services, salary administration and advice.

Financial administration

Ensuring orderly bookkeeping.

In setting up the bookkeeping, we take into account factors specific to the company. A clear bookkeeping provides the entrepreneur with optimal management information, ensuring the ability to implement adequate and efficient policy. To us, bookkeeping is so much more than merely registering data.

Preparing annual accounts

We prepare your annual accounts for you.

The existing company administration is used to prepare the annual accounts over a certain period. We take care of the annual reports and make sure the annual accounts comply with the legal requirements. Draft annual accounts will be discussed with the entrepreneur before finalizing them, save in exceptional cases.

Tax services

Payroll tax, Sales tax, Income tax or Corporation tax.

We prepare and file tax returns for Sales tax, Payroll tax or Income tax correctly and timely. In consultation with you, we will look for the optimal preparation.

Consequently, every order begins with a clear offer. After we have received an acceptance in writing, we will confirm the order. If desired, we provide our invoices with a specification of hours spent and tasks performed.

Salary administration

Ranging from one employee to a hundred employees

We can take care of the complete salary administration for your enterprise. It makes no difference to us whether you have only one employee or a hundred. Naturally, we take into account industry data, social security and pension schemes, and fiscal and other regulations. We use a fixed rate per pay slip or per calculation / action.


We are happy to advise you in a broad area.

Our office has all the necessary knowledge and experience in the area of administrative, financial, fiscal and legal matters. This enables us to offer a well-balanced advice.

We would like to inform you on:

  • starting a business, business succession, mergers and acquisitions;
  • the business structure best fitting your situation;
  • funding needed for a certain investment;
  • attractive investment possibilities;
  • legal aspects in a certain decision;
  • fiscal consequences for a certain situation;
  • international possibilities;
  • etcetera.